Odessa – a beautiful debut EP

Ever heard of Odessa Rose? Me neither until this morning, but now I would like have bonfire parties with her for the rest of forever while we dance around like pixies. This is a direct result of having listened to her self-titled debut EP (well, almost, it’s called Odessa) on repeat for the last 6 hours. There are only four songs on it.

This shit is good. The production is absolutely killer, showcasing her pretty yet powerful voice as it rises up and rains back down like a meteor shower. But that’s not all, the percussion and the instrumental sections then smash the whole thing back into outer space. It’s lovely, but it’s lovely with oomph.

So, do you want to hear something beautiful? Of course you do. Watch the video below, then listen to the rest on Spotify, then go and buy the whole shebang on iTunes if you live in a country where it’s available. (Well, the US.)

“Hummed Low” Odessa Rose from drew bourdet on Vimeo.


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