Bora York – Let Loose


Minneapolis duo Bora York AKA of Chris Bartels and his wife Rebekkah are two mavericks who – now with a brand new baby – record and produce a every single one of their dreamy tracks in their two-bedroom apartment, before mixing, pressing and distributing then via Chris’ own independent label, Anthem Falls Music.  The follow-up to their debut LP Dreaming Free is another sunny yet less folk-driven offering in the shape of their new single, Let Loose. It’s a thing of synthesized beauty and one that is currently – and happily – receiving a lot of much-deserved praise. A couple of their tracks have also been featured on some high-profile television shows recently, including CBS’ Criminal Minds and ABC’s The Middle.

Oblivious Pop described the new track as “a pop track that’s laced with crystalline synths to chill your body as the chorus blasts in like a heavy heat wave.  There’s no doubt you’ll be blasting and dancing to this track all through the summer months.” While Indie Shuffle claim “it’s impossible not to get swept up in the excitement, especially by the time the chorus comes around.” In short, it’s a pleasantly infectious four minutes and five seconds you’ll want to re-live over and over again.

Anyway, listen to this and then go and buy it/stream the crap out of it on Spotify.


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