Rice Milk – Be A Mensch (free download)

tumblr_mrdbf3dLjN1s0r4gio1_1280If you want something short and sweet, not to mention free, little-known Newcastle band Rice Milk might be right up your street. They have no less than six very listenable low-fi, bedroom-y tracks on offer via ASDFG Records on Bandcamp.

Whether or not they actually have any, you can pretty much hear the small outline tattoos and opulent facial hair wafting dreamily through these songs.

The bizarrely named nnnv might be the best of the bunch yet there’s just something endearing about them. Maybe it’s because they’re Tyneside’s answer to California dream pop. Well, after Geordie Shore, what did you expect?

The good news is that these guys are a whole lot easier to listen to than that omnishambolic MTV mistake and, like I said, it’s all for free. Then again, you could always join in with the cool kids and buy a limited edition casette for the hell of it.


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