#1s – ‘Sharon Shouldn’t’ and other loud things

number_ones_press_photoDublin’s own #1s might have a hashtag in their name but if you can get over unusual typography, you’ll soon learn that they also have a knack for bashing the living crap out of their instruments with some pretty happy results.

In short, if you want some noisey noise, these boys can provide it for you.

They create such an entincing garage rock-style hullaballoo that it’s actually quite hard not to move around like some drunk lunatic as they thrash out each and every tune. Little Irish ditties these are not, more something the giants who built the causeway might have approved of.

Their Soundcloud page has more than enough to keep anyone who likes this ruckus as much as I do occupied and there are a couple of videos, too, if you fancy.

After that, you should could even go right on ahead and buy Sharon Shouldn’t ASAP via Alien Snatch.


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