Young Summer – Fever Dream EP

PageImage-523415-5327424-YWISHSsjlvri_1hGdBlWac3sA0p0ZQJfgpkowKJs7tEI might be a little late to the party but Washingotn DC’s Young Summer – real name Bobbie Allen – has got one beautiful set of lungs on her. Add to that some mighty fine co-writers and some very smooth productions and you’ve got one undeniably gorgeous-sounding EP in the form of Fever Dream.

Citing influences such as Karen Carpenter and Michael Jackson, this girl has come up with a warm, pop-tastic sound that’s all her own without sounding anything but honest. Sure, there are some bells and whistles thrown in for good measure but if you can’t listen to one of her songs on a rainy day and not feel faintly optimistic afterwards, you’re an idiot.

What can I say, it’s pissing it down here in Paris and I feel  a lot better after hearing several of her songs.

You could easily shelf Fever Dream next to either Florence Welch, Bat For Lashes or just about any indie female vocalist, but don’t. If anything, she’s perhaps most comparable to Caitlin Rose and even that seems a little reductive, despite Caitlin Rose’s heart-warming brilliance on her latest record, The Stand-In. As it happens, Young Summer is garnering quite the loyal audience by herself as well as making some friends in both interesting and high places; the natural progression is surely a stratospheric career all of her own.

If she makes it big, or rather mahoosive, I’ll report back with a big I TOLD YOU SO.

Until then, you can buy Fever Dream on iTunes and even get a free download from the EP via the Young Summer Facebook Page.


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