Brother Dege – new song ‘How to Kill a Horse’ free download


While the long and seemingly endless wait for the follow up to Folk Songs of the American Longhair, Brother Dege has at least released another new song – after the massive tease that was Wehyah last year.

The new track is called How to Kill a Horse and it sounds a bit like what would happen if you mixed the ghost of Jonny Cash and the current Fleetwood Mac tour into some Louisiana swamp (with or without Christine McVie, the choice is yours). Download it for free and stick it on repeat if you don’t believe me.

It’s dark, it’s eerie, it’s a song that follows you around for a little while after you listen to it – haunting, you might say. It’s really quite something to behold, or should that be behear, and does nothing but reaffirm my total respect and admiration for what a bearded man with a resonator can do. I also believe he must have killed a horse or two himself in his time because it all sounds painfully, fascinatingly real.

Perhaps Tarantino might consider it for his next motion picture, after featuring Dege’s Too Old To Die Young in Django Unchained no less.




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