The Darcys – new music from Canada with ‘Warring’

47061_10151584938587913_491414650_nThe Darcys are one of those bands I sort of tripped over after seeing that Gdansk – another hot electro/art-rock act from Canada I’ve written about – remixed one of their tracks. Then I discovered that they have a new album, Warring, out on 17th September via Arts & Crafts as well as some rather impressive facial topiary.

The really good news is that they already have four songs from it available to stream on their SoundCloud page, all of which are as welcome on a Saturday morning with a slight hangover as they are for a Friday night when preparing to earn said hangover: smooth, but not overly so.

(FYI, all four tracks are also very difficult to stop listening to.)

Full of palpitating drums and enough guitar to keep even moderate purists happy, The Darcys’ forthcoming record promises to be crisp, interesting and as fresh as I imagine a gust of  Toronto wind to be if those sample tracks are anything to go by.

If you’re looking for a season-appropriate update to your music collection, Warring might be just what you’re after.


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