September Girls – Irish girls, bass guitars and a lot of sexy noise

535008_503392349734891_224490345_nDublin-based quintet September Girls might just be one bass guitar split into five sections, sprinkled with some other instruments and deposited into a recording studio but that’s ok. There’s something very listenable about them, despite or perhaps because of the fuzzy, post-punk style vocals.

Maybe it’s the pounding bass and noisy, repetitive drum patterns but, judging by their recent single, Ships – via Haus of Pins – it’s a sound worth hearing. The B side, Flesh, isn’t too shabby (or flabby) either.

If you want something loud, unpolished and just a little bit on the sexy side of things, September Girls could be just what you’re after.

Hell, Ships is even available on cassette! After a week where the new iphone made headline news and the iPod classic was quietly discontinued, that’s a rather lovely thing to hear about.

FYI, they’re also working on their debut album after signing with Fortuna Pop and it should be availble sometime in January.


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