After a long hiatus…

If you look at the date on the post below you’ll see that it’s been a while since I published anything on here and, just in case anyone had ever cared enough to want me to post, I’m awfully sorry and it won’t happen again.

My day job just involves doing something not altogether dissimilar – insomuch as I’m in front of a screen and I type out paragraphs all day long – and I’ve been a little busy outside in the real world so I haven’t put as much, or any, time and effort into this little beauty as I have been known to in the past.

Anyway, excuses, excuses. I’m all out, the 2013 Mercury Prize shortlist has even been announced in the time I’ve let this site fester! So, I’d better find something interesting to write about pretty soon before it dies a most non-eventful death.

If you want a laugh while you wait, you might as well raise an eyebrow at the fact I decided to teach myself guitar… and then start a tumblr about it.

So now you know, my head has been up my arse all this time…


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