The Airplanes – Jingle Jangle EP

394885_461672260548366_1063636086_nAfter releasing his debut EP last year, Joshua Vest recently released a brand new EP called Jingle Jangle under artist name The Airplanes. It consists of four rather spangly tracks with a slightly more confident feel than his previous effort, all of which are bursting at the seams with noisy pop riffs and a lot of infectious percussion.

There’s a definite Beach Boys meets Pavement vibe going on from the first few bars of the opening track, A Little Light. It starts off so optimistically – as the title kind of suggests – and then descends into an enthusiatically happy frenzy of guitars, drums and layered vocals. The closing lyrics are “Everything will be just fine” and it seems like something Mr. Vest genuinely believes. It’s also a sentiment I think a lot more of us should probably get on board with.

There’s a slight dip in good humour with second track A Second Person Point of View, however. Joshua’s guitar seems to jar a little harder with everything else and loss and loneliness creep in through the tinny vocals although there isn’t any real dampening of spirit, which is quite impressing. And then comes title track Jingle Jangle picks everything back up again…

It’s a love story of sorts, a testament to the power of a good sound to help put anyone in a good mood when things turn to shit. This track quite literally bounds along like a chirpy kangaroo, explaining in no uncertain terms that “nothing can go wrong when you’re lost in song”, an undeniable truth if ever there is one. That said, it might have something to do with the particular song you find yourself lost in but Jingle Jangle isn’t a half bad place to start.

The final track, Big Star 45s is the EP’s crowning glory, however. It sounds shiny, it sounds content and it’ll make you feel ok with the world for a brief three minutes and sixteen seconds. The mixture of an almost country-like riff and a few wailing notes layered over the top are largely responsible for this and both seem to defy any listener not to tap at least one toe or get up and dance around for that matter.

By and large, The Airplanes’ Jingle Jangle EP is a slice of sunshine and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Listen free below and download it for the teeny tiny price of $4 from Bandcamp.

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