Swimm – Feel EP [free download]


I have penchant for anything remotely “nautical” sounding at the minute so Florida/California-based band Swimm and their debut EP Feel couldn’t have come along at a better time. Released on 23 April 2013, this record is quite something to behold with each track giving way to something very different whilst at the same time making complete sense as an entire body of work.

Psychadelic rock & roll is just what you need sometimes, especially when it’s got some simultaneously smooth and shaky vocals with the odd harmonica thrown in for good measure.

Swimm certainly know how to play, mixing synths wtih classic rock-style riffs that I think both Lindsey Buckingham and M83 would approve of. The end result is five polished songs with a sixth acoustic bonus track if you dowload the EP. The stand-out track for me is, without a doubt, Tisk Tisk because I was just in the mood for something to sink my aural teeth into – it’s a good five and a half minutes of frustrated drums, raw basslines and a slight Bayou twist – but there isn’t an oviously weak song to be found in the whole bunch.

As I said, it all kind of makes sense.

What doesn’t make any sense at all is why they’re giving it away for free via Bandcamp for FREE. It’s a compelling EP that sounds like it must be a real fire cracker on stage. Still, flights from Paris to Florida aren’t so very cheap and the production on this EP is really quite pleasant so I can’t complain.

So, join in and stream the whole thing below, then go and stick it in your iTunes before they do the sensible thing and make you pay for it.


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