Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless – Carolina


After taking a little break from blogging it was nice to get an email from Canadian singer Mary Cassidy about a song called Carolina that she had done with a guy called Jon Lawless. Not only is it a lovely, sunny track, it’s also available to download for free right here.

Seeing as the weather has finally begun to shift slightly towards the summer, the breezy feel of Carolina couldn’t have come along at a better time.

The clarity and warmth of Mary’s voice was also a rather lovely surprise. Naturally, this prompted me to have a good root around in her Soundcloud account where I found another little gem called Blotted Ink:

Strip away everything but her guitar and her voice commands attention. There’s a certain conviction in her voice that sells the story in her songs, particularly with Blotted Ink above. This girl is clearly a gifted songwriter, citing influences such as Joni Mitchell and “everything else I have been lucky enough to overhear from my brothers’ stereos growing up”, all of which seem to have encouraged something quite enchanting within her own work.

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Mary Cassidy in the near future. Who knows, maybe it’s time for a Canadian invasion after Feist and Martha Wainwright…

UPDATE: Jon and Mary just had their latest track Crowded House premiered over on Under The Radar. Check it out below, if you aren’t as chilled as doped up penguin already, you will be after this…


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