Beard of Wolves – Wolf Skulls EP


After hearing My Father Drives The Death Star by Beard Of Wolves for the very first time, my mind – not to mention my ears – was blown. It’s a fine slice of infectious, danceworthy, melodic garage rock from the mountains of North Wales that could very well mark the start of something special for band memebers Adam Hughes and David Mitchell.

The inherently sexual undertones are hard to ignore, especially as they come mostly in the form of aggressively unapologetic basslines and noisey, messy fusions of rock, punk, drum and bass and a smattering of carefully deployed synthesisers. And that’s just one song…

(It’s available to download for free via Soundcloud, too.)

Things get even dirtier where their other previously released track, Wet Mouth, is concerned. Though suggestive, the title doesn’t quite do the rock solid filth of this track justice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the climax is a whirlwind of messy guitars and a few desperate screams of “put my love inside your mouth”.

It’s more or less soft porn in aural form but there are definitely worse things to stick in your ears. If anything, the mere 1 minute 54 second running time just isn’t enough.

The good news is that Beard Of Wolves are releasing their debut EP Wolf Skulls on 18 March. It’s four tracks of more, ferocious Welsh chaos that will include My Father Drives the Death Star and Wet Mouth, as well as two brand new tracks.

Dead Heart is more or less the ultimate “fuck you” garage rock break-up song, or really just a good middle finger to anyone who deserves it. It’s an angry, wounded monologue and, instead of the protagonst feeling too sorry for himself, he’s ripping the shit out of his guitar. The end result is a dangerously repetitve, raw two and a half minutes. There are some itchy, haunting synths at the beginning and the track closes with an exhausted electro heartbeat, recreating a sense of ruthless injustice. It’s hardly mainstream but at the same time there’s something entirely universal about it.

The last track on the EP comes in the form of Date Fight. To be honest, this song is really just a high-volume demand for someone to “be my girl”, just imagine a rough blend of Electric Six, Jet and half a bottle of whiskey and you’re not far off.

So, if you’re after an EP to eat steak and have sex to, Beard of Wolves’ debut might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Capture d’écran 2013-03-10 à 14.33.49


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