MS MR – Fantasy


Somehow, whilst browsing the internet recently, I happened across MS MR who, it turns out, have an enormous following on a certain micro-blogging site and who also released one of my favourite EPs I didn’t know existed – Candy Bar Creep Show. They reak of instagram and Apple packaging but I really like that about them.

They make a noise that many are calling “Tumblr Glitch Pop”, something which essentially means nothing, besides the fact they’re really very listenable. They have an abum on the way and have today decided to show off a brand new track from it called Fantasy. It’s a song you can file somewhere near Florence and/or Poliça.

If you haven’t heard the Candy Bar Creep Show EP yet, wrap your ears around it right now (it’s available on itunes). Maybe I’m just not fussy but there really isn’t a track on it I’d skip. Bodes well for the album I feel. Check out their Soundcloud page while you’re at it, there’s all kinds of gloriously neon shit on there.

Created by the internet and now giving the outside music world something to talk about, MS MR are in for a very interesting 2013. From Tumblr to the great beyond…


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