The Eggs – Patterns EP [free download]


The Eggs are a Brooklyn-based band who have dscovered how best to scramble female vocals, a screaming violin and some rather jazzy percussion into a decent musical omlette. Once you get over the name – which I haven’t yet managed to do – it becomes very clear that there isn’t really anyone else quite like them.

The four-piece combine influences as far reaching as Debussy and Radiohead, which has resulted in a glorious, string-based assault on anyone brave and/or lucky enough to have heard them. There is no genre that seems to apply to them, nor does it sound as though they want anyone to tell them what they are supposed to be.

I think I they’re really rather marvellous.

After listening to their debut EP Patterns, only one rather weak mash-up comparison occurred to me. If DeVotchka and Haim ever collaborated, the end product would most likely sound like a more polished and potentially less interesting version of what The Eggs have achieved with Patterns. As I said, a very weak comarison.

Disintegrate is, without doubt, my favourite track from the EP. There’s something about the way everything screeches to a grinding halt at the end which I find very satisfying. I can’t decide whether it feels like being punched or like punching someone else. Either way, it feels dirty in a really good way.

You can download Patterns for free direct from The Eggs’ Soundcloud page. Whatever you’re expecting when you hit that play button, forget it. And brace your eardrums.


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