Engine – Notes [free album download]


A while ago, I found out about a band called Engine, I got very excited about them, in particular a track called Motto. Now I’ve discovered that they released a six-track album called Notes back in December and I’m like the cat who got the cream. This album is made up of demos, acoustic and live recordings, the end result of which is a warm, rich, triumphant sound. It’s undeniably brimming with sadness and regret and at the same time, it’s jam-packed with some dazzling flashes of what can only be described as raw, brilliant talent. All of that makes for a particularly inviting combination, funnily enough.

Another highlight from Engine’s small yet mighty backcatalogue is Bury. It really is a prime example of all that can be great about folk music, bursting at the seams with brass, banjos and a very touching vocal perfomance from Sidney Sonnerberg.

Go forth and bask in the glory of it all yourself because all six tracks, including Motto and Bury are available to download for free via Bandcamp. Do it fast because some lucky bastard is bound to sign these boys and sell their addictive sound for a profit before too long.

Safe to say, there is now a huge smile plastered across my rather daft ginger face. These boys make such a lovely sound and 2013 could well be very interesting for them.

As unexpected surprises go, I’ve certainly had worse. There’s just something about Sidney Sönnerberg’s voice that is inexplicably easy to listen to. I maintain that Motto is the best track of all but the rest have potential by the bucketload.

Hopefully circumstances will allow for a full-length album some time in the not to distant future.


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