Gracie – Habits [free download]

Capture d’écran 2013-01-21 à 23.15.44Gracie is the brainchild, or rather hard drive, of a guy called Andrew Balasia who according to his Facebook page, comes from Philladelphia and is now joyfully immersed in the wildly prosperous musical landscape that is Brooklyn. He is currently signed to Small Plates Records and has released one EP and a single to date, with a second EP on the way soon. But when I say EP, in both cases they’re more singles with B-sides. Not that I really give a shit how many Bandcamp tabs I have to open in my browser…

Anyway, you can listen to one of Gracie’s strongest and most promising tracks so far on Soundcloud, before you download the track for free. I have to say, as far as electronic garage rock goes, this is perhaps one of the more soothing, cocoon-like songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s from Gracie’s forthcoming Bleeder EP which is due for release in February.

See? It’s pretty damn good and that “Ooooo-ooooh, aaaaaaa-aahhhhh” will be stuck between your ears forever. The funniest thing, however, was the fact that “Whatever you say, whatever you do” immediately put a certain Hearsay track in my head but I think I can forgive that.


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