Deap Vally


If Stevie Nicks and Siouxie Sioux started a band, it might be a little something like Deap Vally. They’re a double act from California known as Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards but, as they have themselves made very clear, they have ridiculous amounts in common with Thelma & Louise.

Essentially, these women have the same attitude as Ridley Scott’s heroines AS WELL as a lot of infectious riffs and great hair. If you think about it, they’re the perfect band to balance out Haim’s soothing, Californian pop. Deap Vally are just one of those band who make a noise that sounds so fucking good that you could probably chew on it.

Huw Stephens from BBC’s Radio 1 loves them, so does NME and about ten thousand people on Facebook. So, I suggest you jump head first onto this glorious bandwagon by watching the following videos and raiding iTunes for all the Deap Vally it’s worth – after you’ve downloaded Ain’t Fair for free right here.


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