Henry Skewes

Capture d’écran 2013-01-06 à 23.46.44

Henry Skewes is a rather talented rough diamond who hails from North London, where he writes and records his own music – a rather lovely brand of warm, guitar-centric folk that would have you believe he hails from much sunnier climes; luckily for the UK, this isn’t the case. Henry has been building up an impressive fanbase over the last year by playing a number of live shows in the British capital and uploadng his ridiculously listenable sounds to the internet.

His influences include Hank Williams, Loudon Wainwright and Roy Orbison (hence glasses, the hair and the track If I Were Roy Orbison perhaps?), three very talented, soulful artists whose impact on Henry isn’t exactly difficult to hear in his own work.

I’m not entirely sure about this but somewhere within the Aladdin’s cave that is Henry’s backcatalogue, there is this little three-track bundle, which I assume is an EP that is probably titled Coming Home judging by the photo on his Facebook page. It’s like Cluedo only I think he did it in the bedroom with a guitar… ANYWAY, wrap your ears around this, it’s great:

I reckon Hard Loving is my favourite of all, not from the EP but just as worthy of a little extra attention. Maybe it’s because of the female vocals or the key change or the gorgeous simplicity of it all but I’m smitten with this track.

There’s a lot more where all of that came from on Henry Skewes’ Soundcloud page. You can download all of the tracks for free, but they are master tracks so have an external hard drive at the ready. If disk space is an issue, don’t fret too much because with a talent like his, Henry is probably going to have a very good 2013 and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised to see a proper album appear before too long. Ideally in time for a long, hazy summer…


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