Bora York – Dreaming Free teaser


I think I may have struck a nice little piece of hangover gold where Minnesota-based duo Bora York are concerned. Chris Bartels, the self-proclaimed brains and driving force behind the operation, and his wife Rebekah have managed to create some kind of gentle kind of dream pop/chillwave hybrid that’s sucked me right in and has had me hit the repeat button… well, repeatedly.

So far Bora York have only unveiled two tracks from their upcoming debut album, Dreaming Free, titles Waterfall and Close Your Eyes (which is free to download via Soundcloud). Two tracks isn’t much but it’s certainly enough to get me – and a lot of people in Minnesota – very interested in the prospect of a whole album. Both tracks have a kind of warm but fresh sound which I think might be the perfect antidote to a really drizzly European winter.

According to Bora York’s social media sites, Dreaming Free is going to be released sometime in the very near (yet not overly specific) future via Chris’ own label Anthem Falls.


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