The Amends – free album download


The Amends are a newfangled rock & roll band from a place called Boulder in Colorado and they really love their guitars. Their influences include just about everything from Bruce Springsteen to Sam Cooke and back again which, at this early stage in their career, makes for a brilliantly eclectic sound. They haven’t yet climbed into a closed genre box and I hope they never do.

Their self-titled debut album, released back in 2011, is bursting with guitars and is faintly reminiscent of the best The Gaslight Anthem ever had to offer. Fall My Way, Hotel Lobby and Hey Regina were highlights for me, not there was anything I disliked in the slightest. Ultimately, they sing about girls and sex and rock and roll in a way that only people who haven’t had time to forget their adolescence can.

The Amends’ 2012 EP, Signal, is an altogether more polished affair. Everything fits a little better and the sound is more consistent – a smoother blend of rock, psychadelia and  lot of guitars. If I was my dad, I’d call it “real music” But I’m not and I think I’m steadily becoming obsessed with everything The Amends have done so far.

The great news is that they’re just getting better and better. The brilliant news is that their second album should be out sometime within the next fortnight. You can download their entire backcatalogue for free right here. Be quick though, they’re going to be huge and they might just realise they shouldn’t be giving it all away.


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