Shotgun Honeymoon – Up To Something

Capture d’écran 2012-12-03 à 22.13.51

Eric Mellgren is to all intents and purposes Shotgun Honeymoon, a Los Angeles based  music machine of sorts and a not-so rough diamond and their video for Up To Something is a visual treat as well as an aural one. It’s not as dirty as it sounds, promise.

It’s essentially a YMCA-style pisstake of a poker game and it’s infectious to the point where you’ll still be humming the melody, that you didn’t realise you’d learnt, hours after listening to it. The bassline, courtesy of a lady with a cello, and some consistent finger snaps just hypnotise you into playing it again. And again. And again.

Seeing as there’s no way in hell one song is enough, here’s the Shotgun Honeymoon Soundcloud page. The only slightly disappointing thing is that Up to Something is by far and away the strongest track so hopefully there will be more where that came from in the near future.

Still, this track feels like a bit of a golden egg so enjoy.


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