NO – Don’t Worry You’ll Be Here Forever & Stay With Me video

Los Angeles five-piece NO have somehow managed to cram a beautiful love story into a video with couple of crash test dummies. Just when American “indie rock” was about to be written off, along comes the antidote to The Killers’ overkill.

NO have already been tipped as one of 2013’s “next big things”, with a debut EP in the pipeline and a number of international shows in the offing. In fact, they played in London tonight with Father John Misty… so the world takeover begins, or rather continues.

This band are, as a lot of other people have already pointed out, very good at slow-burning indie ballads that explode rather pleasantly on themselves, a bit like an intentional cumshot. Their sound isn’t dissimilar to that of The Killers or any other wildly successful US alt-rock band for the last decade, it’s just different with an equally broad appeal – and it’s nothing like Coldplay either, thank fuck.

Download their previous EP Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever for free by clicking here.


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