Little Hurricane – Homewrecker

If you thought you were missing the White Stripes it might just be time to dry your eyes because San Diego’s “best new band”, Little Hurricane, are working wonders for distracting West-Coast America from the pain. It won’t be too long before they conquer most other places too, especially seeing as they’ve already swept right through Australia.

There are a couple of reasons for making the obvious White Stripes comparison. Firstly it’s a girl/boy band and the girl, Spina, plays the drums. On top of that, the duo do have a bit of a rough-around-the-edges blues rock sound. That said, it’s a completely different brand of dirty blues than the kind the White Stripes were creating. Little Hurricane has a more soulful touch, largely thanks to Tony Catalano’s smooth vocals which could do with a bit of gravel in places but he really does sound great when he’s angry.

Then there’s Spina’s affinity with a drumkit to take into account; she’s no Meg White, thankfully.

Little Hurricane’s debut album, Homewrecker, was released earlier this year. It blisters along at a steady yet fairly heavy pace and there’s definitely something of the desert about it. Homewrecker feels a bit like a roadtrip through a whole host of good, bad, lound, angry and occasionally calm memories that make for a loud, dirty, foot-stomping 43 minutes.

Crocodile Tears burns a hole in the air right from the word go, assaulting the listener with a lot of pissed off, hurt lyrics and a barrage of wailing guitars before the opening track is even over. Things continue in a similar vein, pounding along in a way that is entirely unapologetic. Tony Catalano certainly puts his voice thorugh it’s paces, often crying out the lyrics. This rings especially true on Lies, an angry “fuck you” to his ex-girlfriend and he means it; the heavy guitar riffs certainly helped.

There are other brighter moments on Homewrecker. There’s even a touch of Californian sunshine in Tear Bucket which, to me at least, sounds as good as it feels when you realise your hangover has disappeared. It’s light, hopeful and if you shut your eyes it feels as though you’ve got the sun in your face.

Homewrecker is definitely one of the year’s best (largely) undiscovered blues rock albums but maybe that’s all about to change. Little Hurricane deserve to be huge.

I have nothing to do but suggest you listen to Homewrecker below, then, once you’ve come to your senses, you can buy it on iTunes. You can even download Fourth of July for free right here. Enjoy.


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