The Cellophane Flowers – ‘Staring at the World’ teasers

The Cellophane Flowers, a four-piece from London, are due to release their highly anticipated debut album, Staring at the World on 3rd December. Before the album launch madness commences, the band have already uploaded a couple of the new tracks, Rock n Roll and Voices, to Soundcloud.

They’ve been up there for a while but I found it when dicking around on Rakkit (a mix of Hype Machine and This Is My Jam – a total bellend of a site but GREAT nonetheless).

It’s the drums I really like. That, and the fact that the above track is especially catchy – in a pleasant way. It reminds me of a lot of things, like Siousxie Sioux and Karen O – Francesca Corradini’s vocals are just brilliantly post-punk, put it that way.

It isn’t a huge surprise that the two tracks sound the way they do when you consider the fact that The Cellophane Flowers have been working with Dave Allen on their new album. The man is well-known for his work with The Cure, The Human League and The Charlatans to name a few.

So, whilst you put those on repeat until 3rd December, you can also peruse the tracklisting and imagine what the rest of Staring at the World is going to sound like. Pretty fucking great I imagine…

1. Voices
2. The Promise
3. Pendulum Eyes
4. Forever Lost
5. Tears of a Clown
6. Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Belinda
8. Time
9. Lucky Day
10. In a Hole


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