Shark Week EP [Free Download]

From time to time a band comes along that you can really sink your teeth (or your ears I suppose) into, most recently for me that happens to be Shark Week, a good old fashioned “rock band” from Washington DC.

A lot of people have remarked upon how great their name is and I would just like to point out that I agree, short, sweet and a little bit badass; in other words, it’s near-perfect for the way they sound.

They have been described it as psychadelic art-rock, if you really must be able to put a bona-fide label on them. To me, they sound like a bunch of guys who grew up listening to the Rolling Stones and who are now doing “it” their own way.


This, their latest EP, sounds a bit like surf-rock mets garage rock in a bar and decided to make a record whilst drinking a beer or six. The first two tracks are fairly upeat, foot-tapping, drink-spilling kind of affairs whilst the last one, There Comes A Time, is a bit more low-key, lamenting just how cruel time, and probably life, can be: “there’s so many ways for you to not give a fuck, anymore”, then it breaks and the music picks itself up and just gets on with it… see what they did there?

I think this EP is a little GEM. You can download it for free from their bandcamp page, or indeed name your price. On top of that, there are even more freebies to be had on their Soundcloud page. Don’t say I never give you anything…


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