Velveteens – Bedroom Demos

Velveteens are from Conneticut and they seem to be a bit of a rough diamond of a girl group. At present they have only two tracks available for your listening pleasure, a pint-sized EP called Bedroom Demos, most likely because that’s exactly what they are.

Anna and Catherine Wolk, Devon Fontaine and Claire Lorenzo got together over the summer and came up with Velveteens. It isn’t surprising that the tracks are a bit rough around the edges but there’s something rather endearing about them and those baselines are fucking catchy. The sisters are classically trained and the others aren’t so bad either so, of course, the logical thing to do was introduce a cello into their lo-fi sound. Combined with the harmonies this makes them very listenable.

I think lo-fi pop and strings go together pretty well, not sure if that’s the secret to their likeability or not but it certainly helps.

If anything, they remind me a bit of a singer called Jaymay, a pained New Yorker who once wrote one of the best (largely) undiscovered songs about murder, perhaps ever (seriously, stick with it it’s great, listen here).

I think Velveteens have a lot of potential and I just really like them for some reason. Maybe it’s because they have such good coats…

Download Bedroom Demos right here on Bandcamp for free or for more than free, the choice is yours!


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