And the Giraffe – Creature Collector

A while ago I posted about a four-piece from Gainesville in the US called And the Giraffe, folowing the release of Something for Someone and now these lovely sounding boys have released another album called Creature Collector.

This latest offering is as dreamy as the previous oneand I have comepletely fallen for the third track, Sorry. There’s a moment in the middle when the harmonies are just so good you feel like you could bite into them, then the whole thing gets thrown into space with some crazy sythesisers. Then that track drifts off into the milky way and The Silent creeps in with a quiet little intro followed by some rather impressive vocals that could be aptly described as “haunting” – it’s not just the echo – because they’re just the right amount of raw. There are even birds singing on this track; I think most people would find it very difficult to genuinely dislike such a thing.

The rest of Creature Collector is just as captivating. It’s twenty five minutes and four seconds where it feels like the sun is shining on your face, or in your ears I suppose. It’s light, heartfelt, honest, warm and ridiculously difficult to turn off.

One final, brilliant thing about this record is the fact that you can download it from Bandcamp for free (or name your price). And the Giraffe’s previous releases are also on there for free and they’re just as gorgeous so I think you should knock yourself out.


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