Ivy Dye – Lyme Times

Ivy Dye is the brainchild of Chris Adams (the guy with the beard up there) with a little help from Spencer Walters, Connor Boyle & Dominic Glimco for live shows, recording and generally putting shit together from what I cant tell. The band is based in Chicago and, on 17 July, released their debut EP, Lyme Times.

When I first listened to this EP, I did immediately think that it would be perfect for the Made In Chelsea soundtrack (UK reality show about posh young people…) and that isn’t a bad thing! While the contents of MIC might be questionable at best, the music is always pretty good. M83’s Midnight City is the theme tune…

Lyme Times, which sounds a bit like the lovechild of M83’s shrieking synths and Howler’s grainy vocals, would be perfect for the show. Wait there while I call Channel 4…

‘Reverb’ seems to be Chris Adams’ thing, which is fine by me, somehow he got the balance just right, mixing all the tracks himself just days before the EP was due to be released. For a first, rushed and not exactly problem-free first recording exploit for Ivy Dye, Lyme Times seems to have turned out pretty damn well.

The singing guitars and general choppy nature of Yankee sucked me right in from the beginning and Heart is another particularly stong track with a nice, quick drumbeat and more guitars than its predecessor. All four tracks are very listenable, I don’t think I’d skip a single one. What’s more, this EP is a real grower, especially Statue which is drenched in guitars and more guitars and drums, full of things you might miss the first time you listen to it (I got up to make a cup of tea…) and full of other things you notice on the third listen. Then Snow Creek takes things down a notch with it’s repetitive tale of changing perspective and bad things in a big city that doesn’t seem like it did before. All in all, an absolute cracker of an EP, make that a FREE EP, to wake up to.

All of the above are just a load of rambling observations I made somewhat deliriously over my Sunday morning cuppa, so have a little listen yourselves and download the whole EP for free too. You can download straight from the Soundcloud player below or go to their Bandcamp page if you prefer.

Decent beard, decent music and generous to boot? Thank you Ivy Dye.

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