And The Giraffe – Something for Someone

And the Giraffe is a two-man band, consisting of best friends Josh Morris and Nick Roberts. The pair began playing together at university in Florida, before Josh moved to Nashville, strangely, for academic reasons rather than musical ones. They continued to collaborate over the internet and finally, after being reunited in 2011, recorded their debut EP, Something for Someone, in Nick’s bedroom.

They call themselves a “dream-folk duo” and I spose that pretty much sums it up. I’m not really a fan of these mutated sub-genres but in this case I think it works. It’s serenity in a bottle, this EP and I think I happened upon it at just the right time. It’s the best de-stress soundtrack I’ve heard in a while. Reminds me of a lot of things, imagine a nice, perfectly temperate soup à la Perfume Genius, The Low Anthem and Bon Iver and that’s more or less what it sounds like.

If you like it and want to have it all for your very own, you can download it from their Bandcamp page for free or not, you can name your price…



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