Findlay – You Gave Me Grace

Natalie Findlay, or just Findlay, released a track called Your Sister a while back which she has followed up with a track called You Gave Me Grace.

It’s is one of those loud, pissed off and a bit hurt “fuck you” to someone, maybe an ex, maybe some other twat, who knows. All I can really make an educated guess at is the fact that this girl is a big Cramps fan (look at her Facebook page if you don’t believe me), it seems like she channels them in her own songwriting with their fast-and-loud brand of post-punk, rebranding it for her own. Not a bad way to work…

I still really like this girl. Your Sister is a crash-bang hummdinger of a song, in a good way, could be about the same twat as You Gave Me Grace? Give it a whirl and see what you think, you can get it for free here if you fancy.


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