Syron – Breaking

I get the impression that I might have been a bit stupid to have ignored tweets and blog posts about London-based hotshot-to-be Syron, real name Daisy Syron Russell. Her music is pretty damn good (well, judging by the one proper track…), not to mention really fucking catchy. It would be annoying if it wasn’t so easy to listen to.

Here’s the video for her debut single, Breaking, which comes out on 24th September via Black Butter Records, a hot-shot-to-be-record-label. I’m starting to see a pattern emerging here…

Could this girl be responsibe for a full-blown garage revival in the near future? Who knows, spose we’ll have to wait for an album before we can answer that one…

At any rate, she’s doing alright so far. She hasn’t even released a proper single yet and The XX, Radio 1, I Extra, iD and Popjustice are all behind her. Roll on the next thing I say, I like Syron a lot.


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