Night Moves – Country Queen

I blogged about Night Moves a while ago, after having wrapped my ears around their impressive debut single, Headlights. Now the band have signed to Domino Records in the US and are preparing for the release of their debut album, Coloured Elotions, on 9th October in the US. Hopefully the European release won’t be too far behind.

While we wait for that little treat, they’ve been dangling the musical carrot in front of our noses with a track called Country Queen:

Hazy man… but in all seriousness, I really love this band. I was convinced they were headed for big things after hearing only the intro to Headlights. I’m not right just yet, but I will be soon. In other news, I really think the album artwork looks like how they sound, perhaps a stupid point to make but potentially a valid one. Arguments on the back of a postcard please…

Listen to Headlights too,it’s better for you that green veg I’m sure (and it’s FREE to download).


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