Angel Olsen – Tiniest Seed

Angel Olsen is going to release her debut album Halfway Home on Bathetic Records on 4 September, a date to remember if her latest track, Tiniest Seed, is anything to go by. This girl has an intoxicating presence, as if she’s channelling Joni Mitchell and Gillian Welch at the same time, it’s not easy to ignore her.

Tiniest Seed is a beautiful track. It’s got a heavy “please-love-me-back” message but at the same time it’s as light and as warm as a lullaby. This girl could become the new (American) Laura Marling sometime very soon…

She released an EP, Strange Cacti, a while ago, which was recieved with open arms by both fan and critics. Since then, Olsen has become a ‘one to watch’ within the realms of the folk world.

Keep your eyes peeled for live dates and other pre-album treats.


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