Findlay, or rather Natalie Findlay, is seemingly a girl with a brilliant band from Manchester. It’s all loud thumping blues-rock with their debut single, Your Sister.

“Take a chance, fuck romance, yeah well it’s not like I have a choice”. This track is an excellent fuck-you song, she knows he’s cheating on her so she’s screaming it into a microphone. It’s dark, angry, and has an incredibly unapologetic bassline running through it.

You can download the track for free here.

The video’s a sexy one too:

Judging by this single track and the sexy ballsiness of Natalie Findlay, this band could go far. I know it’s the obvious thing to say, but, they aren’t million miles away from bands like The Kills, although it’ll take more than one track for anyone to steal Alison Mosshart’s place in my heart. Nevertheless, it looks like they’re making an excellent start.

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