The Tic Tocs

It’s not very often that a band comes along who are very clear about the fact that they are only ripping a guitar to shreds, wailing into a microphone and drinking galons of beer, just to make sure that a small room full of people are having a good time.

The Tic Tocs are just that, four men who live in Riverside, California and can barely afford to feed themselves. They have however, managed to get a local record label on board with their debut LP (Soundpress Records) and have got the album up on iTunes and Amazon in a live format. Now all they need is some cash so they can go to a studio.

They currently have a campaign going to raise enough money to record and press a few hard copies of their self-titled debut. They basically just want to give their fans something to take home after a gig and then go and get something to eat themselves. If you feel so inclined, donate here.

This band is everything that garage rock is supposed to be. It’s rough as fuck and does exactly what it should do. It’s an assault on the ears that makes me glad that bands like this still exist. It’s the DIY aspect that makes them credible, they’ve been given nothing on a plate and are hellbent on recreating a more inclusive atmosphere on their local garage scene.

Listen to them, loud and preferably not out of a set of shitty laptop speakers…

They cite Chuck Berry, Ty Segall and The Stooges as references and it’s apparent in their sound. It’s a bit “fuck you we’re going to do it our way”, which is really what all musicians should be like. They also have the drive of Ty Segall (famous for churning out albums more regularly than he changes his socks) and the rock and roll spirit of Chuck Berry. It’s all about having a good time, about absolutely everyone within earshot having a good time in fact.

The amount of fun they’re having themselves is obvious, after all they’re pissed, the music is loud and everyone is having a blast.

One thought on “The Tic Tocs

  1. Thanks a ton for this!! It doesn’t look as though we will be very successful on our kickstarter, but, we are still going to press our LP anyhow. If you like, we can send you a copy, free of charge, for being so generous in your review of The Tic Tocs. My email is listed below.

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