Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg, is making the world wait an age for the release of his self-titled debut album on 22nd October. I hadn’t heard anything about him before today when suddenly my ears pricked up as Lightning Bolt came on the radio.

It’s glorious, foot-tapping cynical genius, a fantastic set of observations from an eighteen year old with more insight than a fair few ‘grown-ups’ I know. It’s loud, it tells a bit of a story and it’s really just fantastic, maybe my new favourite song this week.

The lovely Saffron is available to download for free:

And here’s the rest from Soundcloud:

Country Song and Saffron are pretty gentle acoustic ballads whereas Trouble Town and Lightning Bolt paint an aurally beautiful yet honest picture of a world where people are scraping to get by, the weather’s shit and ambulances are howling past and the best thing to do would be to give up and walk into the path of the lightning bolt. But it’s a kind of social boredom/discontent you can stomp your feet, down a beer and have a cigarette to, really it’s a good time to be had in the middle of a lot of other crap. Thank god for artists like this, a disenchanted teenager with something to say who’s really good at the guitar, everyone has a soft spot for people like this, so I hope the album sounds as fantastic as these little scraps of excellence.

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