Jack White – Inaccessible Mystery

So yesterday the B-side to Jack White’s latest single appeared on the internet. The A-side is Freedom at 21 which was released by Mr White accross Tennessee by attaching a bunch of 7 inch singles to helium balloons, free for anybody that could get their hands on on before they got stuck in trees or ended up in a river. It’s nice to know that he’s still making a bit of a fuss every now and then after the really rather exciting release of his debut LP Blunderbuss on his own label, Third Man Records. He’s making a fantastic effort to ensure that he will one day (soon) be crowned king of the whacky independants, somehting which makes him enormously appealing.

But rambling appreciation aside, here’s a link to where you can buy the 7 inch single, because rather aptly the only available online stream, well a youtube video, has been taken down by Third Man, so everything remains, frustratingly, an inaccessible mystery. God knows when but it might appear somewhere such as iTunes before too long? But then again that would be making things a bit too easy, and making a lot of money for a big corporation… yeah, maybe, maybe not.

All in all this was an entirely pointless post and I hope you’re as disappointed as I am.


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