Cat Power – Ruin, album announcement for ‘Sun’

Well this was a nice way to rejoin the land of the online living after work today, Chan Marshall, well Matador I suppose, have plastered the announcement video for Cat Power’s upcoming album Sun all over the internet, especially seeing as it’ll be her first full-length album of original material in six long years. So wham, BAM, here’s the video:

She’s back, the hair is shorter and she’s now everybody’s new jam. What’s more album track Ruin is available to download for free here. In an interview I saw in The Quietus she said she’d learnt to play all the necessary instruments for this record, feeling like she needed to be musically independant, so in so far as this initial little teaser track goes I think she’s done a pretty good job and at the same time manages to tell everyone to shut up and stop moaning because “some people ain’t got shit to eat”. The thing my teenage self always loved about her, and maybe the best thing about the mysterious Chan Marshall, only mysterious because she doesn’t want the world to know everything about her, is her attitude, and she gets away with it briliantly every time.

Well anyway, very much looking forward to the release of Sun, on Matador, on 3rd September, which appears to be lightyears from now, oh well, hold your breath for another teaser or two.

Here’s the tracklist while you wait:

‘Always On My Own’
‘Real Life’
‘Human Being’
‘Silent Machine’
‘Nothin But Time’
‘Peace And Love’


One thought on “Cat Power – Ruin, album announcement for ‘Sun’

  1. absolutely amazing!! so bummed that i missed the autograph signing and 1st listen at the standard.. well, at least i’ll be seeing her in november!! = ]

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