The Nervous Wreckords – Let Them All Talk

Following my post about The Nervous Wreckords a couple of days ago I’ve been lucky enough to get a bit of a sneak-preview of their forthcoming album Let Them All Talk, and I thought I should probably share this happy experience.

The first thing I really noticed about this record was the fact that, much as the band might not want to focus on it, it is a glorious slice of indie-pop. The best comparison, if one was even necessary (yes I’m doing it anyway) would be with Vancouver-based band The New Pornographers as both seem to share a penchant for a generally very upbeat, happy, bouncy, catchy pop sound that anyone can sing in the shower whilst at the same time remaining capable of moving into more serious or at least sombre areas with some form of ballad or a proper old story to tell.

The opening track Beautiful Girl is about a girl, but really it’s about the guitars which are melodic in places, scratchy and a bit rougher in others but ultimately propel the song forwards as the vocals tell us all about a girl that just doesn’t give a shit, it’s noisy and unapologetic as all noisy things should be. The tone changes as the opening bassline of Ivy gives way to a love song, well a very regretful but hopeful Californian love story, the backing vocals come in waves while the bass keeps ticking over.Ivyis one of the best track on the album I think, it has pretty much everything you could want from a decent pop song, well everything I want anyway, it doesn’t assult your ears but you’re never bored either.

Here’s a video someone made from youtube, complete with lyrics, ha:

The title track is a fantastically catchy fuck-you song, it’s a song that feels like it’s aimed at every asshole that ever told Brian Karscig he couldn’t do something, so now he’s giving them the finger by saying/singing “let them all talk they’re just jealous, jealous of our licks, jealous of our world-wide hits”, a little tongue-in-cheek maybe, but really, back off dickheads, they’re making it.

Classy Girls claps it’s way to a singing guitar intro with something of Thin Lizzy about it, this one sounds like it should be a live anthem if it isn’t already, this is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the whole album I think, it has a certain kind of rock and roll swagger to it that appeals greatly.

Things become a bit smoother with the sunny ballad Shapes of a Dove, “we could all live happily”, it’s a nice proposal really. The bass picks up again on the next track 8-Track (I’m Comin’ Back) it’s a slow pulsating bassline, as many of them are, but it’s a bit sexy with some eighties synths on top of that and then a piano meolody gets thrown in there, maybe the most interesting song of the bunch.

Love Jammed the Radio is a fast-paced let’s-give-up-and-move-on song, break-ups-are-shit, fuck that let’s do something else. It’s just noisy really, but I suppose that’s a reasonable way to react to a crap situation, has a sort of moody garage-rock attitude to it, but it isn’t that, it sounds lighter, but really just noisy. Doin it to Do it is what it says on the tin, they’re not in it for the fame but because it’s something they love which also translates onto an inter-personal level, but the sentiment remains, do something because you really want to and what’s more it sounds fun, pop all over with a good message.

The last two tracks wind things down, Asleep or Dead really is a love song, a ballad with strings and everything, but the percussion keeps the pace far from any doe-eyed dreaminess, I might even go so far as to say it sounds like they have a certain appreciation for Fleetwood Mac that becomes apparent on this track, but that’s probably my own wishful thinking. The closing song slows down a bit more, The Rich Get Richer is another self-explanatory number, starts off sounding faintly like a Felice Brothers story-teller track, but really it’s just another class-commentary song, lyrically not that strong but it does sound lovely with some gorgeous strings and Karscig crooning along.

As a first proper full-length album Let Them All Talk showcases The Nervous Wreckords potential as an aternative pop band, they’ve got friends in some very musically high places, people such as Brandon Flowers for example, and have been opening shows for some of the best alternative acts touring the States over the last couple of years so this record might just be the one that could get them a bit of global attention, then all those twats will be jealous of their worldwide hits…

Let Them All Talk is technically released on 30th June, physically so at a gig in San Diego or via a few lucky pre-orders, national (US) and international release dates are yet to be confirmed.

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