I just stumbled across Heart of a Wrestler (see previous post) on iTunes and I remembered how brilliant Heart-Ships are. Then approximately five minutes later they posted on Facebook that they were scheduled to open a show for Django Django, and now here I am, ready to shout about the fact that I think they will go far, with the four tracks available to stream online, the very idea of an EP, or ideally a full length album is tantalizing to say the least. It just boils down to the fact that they’re fanfuckingtastic.


A Lake:

Those are the two most recent tracks, both what you might call ‘epic shit’, I think it’s mostly the raw and slightly pained vocals with a bit of howling in the background, crying out to be listened to, and it works, because there’s nothing to do but listen to this band. They’ve built a pretty solid reputation for themselves on the live circuit in the UK, as I’m sure I mentioned before the likes of NME have tipped them for success after raving about their performance, and I am too, again. Yes I’m probably just another dickhead who wants to get in there first (ish), but I really am right about them, I know it, and one day I will tell someone I told them so.

There’s something celtic about them, if you listen hard enough it almost sounds like they waded out of the sea mid-performance, specifically on Spraypaint, but generally there is a nautical element to some of their more melodic guitar sections (yes, that is more or less a quote from Hugh Grant’s character in Four Weddings and no I never thought this would happen either). I sent a friend a link to their Facebook page and his response was this “They make my Irish hurt”, sums it all up perfectly, even if they are from Leeds. All that remains to say is this: MORE, SOON, PLEASE.

Until then here’s some more so happy streaming.

Heart of a Wrestler:

Pinhole Of Light:


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