The Nervous Wreckords

This band is another Californian bunch, well ish. They joined forces in 2009 when frontman Bian Karscig made an EP with Anthony Saffrey, member of an producer for Cornershop. The EP caught the attention of Brandon Flowers (oh this links nicely with the previous post) who asked them to open a few Killers shows, prompting Karscig to lie about having a band and then to scramble one together pretty sharpish.

Of course everything worked out and The Nervous Wreckords have spent the last couple of years touring with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Yuck, Cee Lo Green and Weezer, things for this band could most definitely be worse. In 2010 they released an LP as a follow-up to the successful debut EP The Nailbighter, called Valuminium which was largely just a collection of demos they wanted to release, obviously before the band had garnered a reputation as force to be reckoned with on stage.

Now two years later they are all set to release their second LP Let Them All Talk at the end of the month, they say on their website that it’s been finished for a while but they quite fancied having a party at the end of June. The initial release will be of a limited number, available only at a live show in San Diego on 30th June and via a few well-timed pre-orders in the US, not so great if you live in western Europe, but don’t despair, national/international release dates should be confirmed soon. Maybe.

They’re a band based in the US, firmly so, and with this being their first studio album it could be a while before they decide to sink their teeth into Europe, but with such high profile friends it’s a definite possibility that they could also capture the attention of the masses over here too.

Anyway, now that I’ve told you all about them, perhaps you ought to give them a listen, it’s catchy and a lot of fun so no wonder they want a party to celebrate. Some say indie, some say pop, a lot say both, make up your minds with these:

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