The Killers – Battle Born trailer

Love them or hate them, Las Vegas band The Killers will be back in the autumn with their fourth ‘proper’ studio album, if you don’t count the B-sides and rarities collection that was Sawdust, called Battle Born. The trailer seems to be for the most part the group staring moodily into a campfire or brooding over a pool table or just being moody with a guitar while every so often the album title is spelled out, one flame-coloured letter at a time. Well you’ll have already worked this out for yourselves if you made it to the end of the video above.

Brandon Flowers recently explained that “in a sense all Americans are battle born…our ancestors came here for something better” in relation to the album title, so could this record be some kind of patriotic adventure or more of a story book? Or he could be making it up seeing as the band’s studio also shares the name…

Apparently there have been some fears amongst the most die-hard Killers fans that there might be some kind of dubstep manifestation in their upcoming album, however if the trailer is anything to go by I don’t think it’s something to lose sleep over, if anything I’d worry more about it being perfect soundtrack material for a bad 80s action movie, all those moody looks and synthesisers. Still, could be a lot of fun whatever it sounds like, as long as it’s not god-awful. So I spose now all eyes and ears on the look out for leaks and/or legitimate releases before the album drops, seeing as information about this record is currently very thin on the ground, or rather the google.

Cynical as I may sound about them, I do have a certain appreciation for the Killers, I fell in love with Hot Fuss and no, nothing has ever been quite as good, but still, a love affair it was and they’re only on their third chance…

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