King Tuff

I have quite a big soft spot for garage rock, specifically that fantastic strain of it that sounds like the nineties, sixties and seventies were in a car crash whilst yesterday was driving, the result being something that sounds like King Tuff’s eponymous second album, released last week on Sub Pop.

Well the cover makes me very happy for a start and the music sounds a bit how that looks. There are moments where this specific King sounds faintly like Mick Jagger’s love child, notably on Keep On Movin’, there’s definitely something of that Jagger croon in there. On the following track Unusual World it seems like we’ve decamped from the midwest garage scene and been plonked straight into some sunnier world, dare I say it there are elements of Californian rock in there, but really I think it’s just a good mood that runs throughout the record. Then there’s Bad Thing which has been doing the rounds on the internet for the last few months, leading up to last week’s release, but it’s a track that just sounds more fun every time I hear it, loud enough and a good amount of shouty.

Here’s a rather interesting video for it, a bit like what the Rocky Horror Show would have been like with less sex, more guitars and a bunch of ‘young people’ in hallowe’en costumes:

For me Stranger is the next glorious highlight, the riffs remind me of T. Rex and it has this riotous quality to it that makes you wiggle or tap something without realising, just throw some velvet trousers into the mix and it would be better than excellent. Oh this track makes me very happy indeed. I think the world at present needs a little more rock n roll and this particular track just captures the essence of that sentiment perfectly.

This whole record makes me smile, it jumps from loud guitar soaked chaos to calmer numbers such as Evergreen, giving you time to get your breath back before something like Hit And Run hits your ears with a noisy, melodic tale of loneliness that makes misery sound like a party you can clap along to, oh it’s just fantastic. Buy it, I dare you.

(Bad Thing and Keep On Movin’ are available to download for free from Soundcloud)

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