Jennifer Left

Jennifer Left is orginally from Newcastle but now lives in Brighton and appears to really be making a name for herself, integrating into the ‘oddball’ Brighton scene perfectly and getting some important people listening to her. It seems she’s another one to watch so keep a look out because she’s set to release her debut LP later this year.

She has recently caught the attention of the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq and Steve Hawkins with her debut EP entitled Black Dog. The title track is a bouncy little affair, well there are glockenspiels in there for a start, the percussion claps it’s way along right till the very end producing a happy little thing which showcases Jennifer’s crisp English vocals. The second track Hushabye is a bit more sombre, a tale of young love meandering along over some beautiful string arrangements, it’s melancholy but also quite lovely.

Here’s the video for Hushabye:

Jennifer Left says she is “inspired by the songs that raised her”, so rather aptly she did a dreamy cover ofTemptation by New Order a while ago, and guess what? It’s on Soundcloud:

This girl could go far with her penchant for dressing up and her own particular brand of folky English storytelling she’s akin to a few prominent artists at the moment but not really the same as anyone else, so surely she’ll charm the masses and reward them with a whole album before winter sets in.


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