Willy Moon

Willy Moon is 21 years old, born in New Zealand and now lives in London. He has immaculate hair and claims not to own a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, telling Vogue UK that he feels more comfortable in a suit. He’s fascinated by beautiful things, likes things which are nice to look at and seems to be taking his own advice.

Having read the Vogue article Willy Moon seems like a sort of Mod 2.0, pretty, outwardly refined and harbouring a rather deep obsession with music. He cites influences such as David Bowie, Timbaland and Bo Diddley and the suit lends itself to Mark Ronson comparisons, another sharp young man in music, in another suit. So he might have an air of all of that about him but I am inclined to agree with the man himself when he says that he isn’t quite like anyone else. Maybe he’s right, genres are to a large extent a thing of the past, at least in certain areas of music, why put yourself in a box when you can lie down across 4 or 5? Having spent a while chasing down a record label, he signed to Luv Luv Luv based in London and so far he’s released an EP in April called Yeah Yeah contianing a few remixes of the title track, and a single in November 2011 called I Wanna Be Your Man with a B-side called She Loves Me. Get on itunes now and catch up if you missed anything, just like I did about 20 minutes ago…

It is pretty difficult to sit still and listen, his voice commands that you do but the rhythm commands your feet to move and what’s more it sounds sexy, specifically this last little track:

With support from people like Annie Mac, a string of festival dates across Europe this summer, numerous magazine features and radio interviews and some rave live reviews, this man will almost certainly go an incredibly long way, maybe before the summer’s over and hopefully an LP will be on the horizon before too long as well. I’m only asking for the Moon…

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