Thieving Irons

Thieving Irons are a collective, basically just a group of friends headed up by Nate Martinez, based in Brooklyn and widely approved of by the critics and indeed the masses of fans turning out to their shows every night. Their second LP Behold, This Dreamer! comes out on 5th June, set to be a record about escaping wherever you come from and figuring out who you’re going to be and how to get there, promising to avoid all the usual small-time drama and ask itself some slightly bigger questions. Safe to say this record will probably come at just the right time for a lot of graduates asking themselves the same questions and desperately searching out the answers. As a little glimpse of what the tricky second album might entail, new track Poison is available to download for free here. As is another track from the new album,So Long:

Have a little listen to Poison if you fancy…

Thieving Irons have a reputation, borne out of the success of their first album The Midnight Hum, for creating beautiful ‘multi-layered’ indie-folk, and rightly so, ethereal at times, then quite cheery with guitars fizzing their way along to chirpier drum beats at others. Listen to The Midnight Hum here:

They reminded me a little bit of We Are Augustines, another Brooklyn-based band who’s debut release Rise Ye Sunken Ships is potentially one of the best records of the year so far, but with a less intense feel to their music. It isn’t really surprising then that Nate Martinez actually turns out to be one of the better connected artists on the Brooklyn indie scene, having worked with We Are Augustines and The National among others, nevermind his first band Pela, but all that means is that he has an incredble group of musicians behind him giving the record its best possible shot. It seems likely then that the Brooklyn-based contingent of indie artists are going to continue their hegemony over the entire genre for a while longer, in recent times producing much of the best alternative music around, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.


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