Brother Dege

This man might be one of ‘americana’s’ best kept secrets, well this seems to be the general consensus at any rate. Brother Dege is a man with a beard and guitar, spinning tales about his childhood growing up in the Louisianna swamplands who has been selling his musical wares in the form of one band or another, or even just himself for years. According to Magnet magazine’s website he’s been somewhat off of the music scene for a while, working in a homeless shelter and recording his next LP How to Kill a Horse which should be released sometime in the autumn.

As a teaser for his forthcoming album, a track called Wehyah has been released, free to download or if you’re feeling particularly ridiculous you can pay 89 pence for it on Amazon.

Some of the tracks from the previous album Folk Songs of the American Longhair can be streamed from his Reverbnation page here. A voice that sometimes tears its way out of his throat and riffs that will make a person’s feet move all by themselves. Everything sounds like it’s drenched with the blood sweat and tears of Dege, his roots are everywhere but so it his formidable talent, avoiding the possible cheesey white-man-southern-blues clichés, it’s just honest and not to smooth around the edges and there’s something in the narrative mixed with the gruff vocals that command attention. If nothing else these are some delta blues that will make your beard longer by the end of a single track, for that reason alone I implore anyone and everyone to listen.

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