New Cat Power album ‘Sun’ finally on the horizon

Well this has been a morning of discovery for me, firstly somebody I follow on twitter retweets Chan Marshall, I wasn’t even aware that she had Twitter! Secondly the tweet said “I HAVE FINISHED MY RECORD.” and was followed by another, “IT IS CALLED “SUN”.”.

After years, YEARS of waiting for a follow up to Jukebox, the object of 99% of my teenage musical affection is finally going to release a new album at some point in the near future. Release dates haven’t even been mentioned either by Chan Marshall or by Matador Records, so that will be the next surprise.

Just in time for Christmas last year this appeared on Matador’s website, if like me you missed it too:

Video directed by Giovanni Ribisi and featuring renowned boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao and the track, King Rides By performed by Cat Power, can still be downloaded direct from Matador for a small donation towards The Festival of Children and the Ali Forney Center, well 99 cents, definitely worth it.

A lot of people got very angry when Chan cancelled a show in Israel in February this year, some on myspace even comparing her to fascist dictators, however according to the reaction on Twitter last night to the news of her newly finished record, her well-established following (yeah it’s a bit ‘cult’) hasn’t even thought about holding that or anything else against her.

Well that’s all for now, my eyes and ears will be kept firmly peeled for news of a release date for what will now be, for me, one of the most anticipated records of recent times, and by that I definitely mean the last decade at least, what can I say, I’m still in love with her.

[update: RELEASE DATE: 11th September in the US and 10th in the UK]

[a better update: RELEASE DATE NOW SET FOR 3rd/4th September depending on which side of the Atlantic ocen you live on, see new post about album track Ruin here]

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