San Fransisco/Los Angeles based four-piece Siddhartha know how to restart your ears on a Tuesday morning, drum beats everywhere that practically force you to get up, indie riffs and vocals howling at you telling you it could be worse so deal with it. The band are signed to Neurotic Yell Records, fitting when you see what’s written about them on the label’s website. Apparently vocalist Marlon Hauser was in the midst of some existential crisis in 2009 when he met the other band members, maybe he’s still in the middle of said crisis, whatever is going on inside his head the noises he and his fellow band mates are producing have, according to NYR, coined a new genre, Dashiki Shoegaze. Yeah, what the fuck is that? Well something like this “an all-encompassing live musical transformative experience”, if you think you can handle it, here’s their label’s page about them. Admittedly they do seem like a band to be seen live, transformative or otherwise.

Marlon Hauser was homeless or shut off from the outside world in a windowless space whilst writing Siddhartha’s debut LP, If It Die, which judging by the samplers on Bandcamp hasn’t suffered from the lack of outside interference. Hauser himself has said that he felt he needed to shut himself away from the outside world, the product is Hauser’s observation of the world. But really they sound like they’re somewhere between Howler and TV On The Radio, it’s another record about life, the struggles within it etc. Not strictly original but still relevant nonetheless.

The Fire Next Time is a brilliant showcase for If It Die, to be released on 1st May.

8 thoughts on “Siddhartha

  1. I’ve seen them live, they are just as intense as Sonic Youth on some songs, but then on others is really psychedelic, very 60s. Marlon Hauser is one of the best singers I’ve heard in any genre of music. Its weird that Siddhartha is also aligned with hip hop acts like Shabazz Palaces and some of the BASED community in the Northwest, but he doesn’t rap at all and if anything Siddhartha’s music feels very post modern, better than TVOTR in my opinion. He’s nicknamed the BASEDShaman, which is very weird, but very cool.

  2. Saw them with Shabazz Palaces in San Francisco and it was amazing. I felt like they were really psychedelic and loud. it was like seeing My bloody valentine with Marvin Gaye as a lead vocalist. The singer seemed really comfortable with such a huge hip hop crowd, but their music was definitely not rap. it was like space music.

  3. I heard the side 2 of the album, and felt it was really interesting. Kind of reminded me of African or middle east music, with some Oasis, and a dash some grunge stuff from the 90’s but done in a much more updated way. and yes the singer does have a Motown thing going. eerie like Marvin gaye.

    • Just read about them on Consequence of Sound. They have a tune Diamond Dust posted and it sounds like a Brian Eno song to me. Very cool. I heard this group spawned out of Detroit somehow. hope they play NY soon. If it Die like the Andre Gide book?

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